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National Certification Study Day with Jeff Lennard Oxford

This day is an opportunity for all those on the ZB certification programme to let go of any concerns, refine their skills, deepen their understanding, and build friendships within the community of Zero Balancing .

September 2019
Creative Open Forum with Jeff Lennard £160

Cassie and Jeff invite you to join them for two days of fun and inspirational exploration of Zero Balancing.
This is an invitation to fall in love with what we naturally do in ZB!
Inviting insights to arise and refinement of skills.

27th November 2018
It was an interesting and rich 2 days of sharing within the Creative Open Forum.

For the last 5 years Jeff and I have run the November National UK Certification day which has been informative and fun. Inspired by this, the opportunity to share what we love in ZB in a way that we love resulted in a wonderful gift of inspiration, insights and exploration. We didn’t set out to teach the group but fine tune our peers with rich and profound communication all round, whereby all who attended made a difference in support of their own discovery and everyone else's. Jeff and I seamlessly moved from one topic to another as the Tao carried us all effortlessly. Our commitment was to the group dynamic and not a specific format.

For me as a facilitator it has left me deeply touched by the limitless joy and profound possibilities that Zero Balancing offers.

Feedback from a participant:
It’s been over a week since our time together, and this is the first time I have had a chance to reflect on the two days spent exploring boundaries, fears, extensions of each other, blue line analogy, polarity and our true love for ZB. I realise that a lot has happened to me in the week and wanted to share this with you.

By allowing my boundaries to be stretched and creativity to enter into the palms of my hands and finger tips, it has generated a deep crystalline shift in my being. There seems to be an energetic wisdom of ‘salts’. By this I mean it has enabled a far reaching clarity at a depth that I can only acknowledge at a cellular level. It’s almost as if my cells are speaking to me. The paradigm or concepts in my matter or mind, is that I know not, yet this whole experience has suddenly helped illuminate patterns in my life that need to be viewed, renewed and altered, in order to engage alignment with my destiny. The very nature of the teaching and learning through shared experience, touching, and being touched at a deep level, has opened up a whole new raft of information and deep felt wisdom that was once inaccessible to me.

Thank you, to all who allowed me to be touched by my very core and essence. It has been such a privilege to be in your company, in a safe space and one which has transcended traditional learning.

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