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Contagious disease Diarrhoea Drugs (recreational)
Fever Infectious disease Residual Malaria
Vomiting Cancer  
Arthritis Asthma Bells Palsy
Cardiovascular Condition Diabetes Epilepsy
Heart Condition Hyper/Hypotension Inflamed Nerve
Kidney Infection Medical Oedema Nervous/Psychotic Condition
Osteoporosis Phlebitis Pinched Nerve
Postural Deformities Pregnancy Prescribed Medication
Recent Operation Rheumatism (acute) Slipped Disc
Spastic Condition Thrombosis Trapped Nerve
Undiagnosed Pain Whiplash  
Abrasions Bruises Cervical Spondylitis
Cuts Gastric Ulcer Haematoma
Hernia Hormonal Implants Menstruation
Neck Condition Recent Fracture Scar Tissue
Skin Disease Sunburn Scar Tissue Undiagnosed Lumps/Bumps
Undergoing GP or Specialist Treatment? Varicose Veins
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I confirm that the treatment I will receive has been explained to me by the therapist and I understand what it involves. It has been offered to me as complementary to conventional medicine and I understand that it is not an alternative to or a replacement for any conventional therapy or medicine I require. I have answered all medical and lifesttyle questions put to me to the best of my ability and in all truthfulness. I participate in this therapy of my own free will and at my own risk.
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