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Cassie’s Well-Being Clinic


Cassie runs a busy complementary health clinic from her home in the peaceful village of Ferring, West Sussex. Cassie’s clients enjoy their sessions in a tranquil setting, just five minutes from the beach where the sound of the sea can often be heard from the clinic room as light and rainbows may flood in and dance on the walls.

Cassie is highly skilled with over seventeen years of clinical experience in three therapies.

Do you want things to change? Would you like to feel better? Would like clarity, focus, support?
How would it be to know that you are going in the right direction for you?

Would you like to trust your own counsel and wisdom? Would you like to get to the root of a problem? If so, then please continue to read on because maybe what I have on offer is for you.

Zero Balancing|Process Acupressure|Swedish & Holistic Massage

Each of these enjoyable therapies provide a range of health benefits, deep relaxation, personal insight and freedom from stress, inviting you to live in wellbeing and in harmony with your day.

As you explore Cassie’s website, you can find out more about the therapies, what is on offer and more about Cassie.

If you would like to ask questions or to wish to book an initial consultation and exploratory session to find out whether it is appropriate for you then please contact Cassie now.

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Thank you for investing time to look at my website, I do appreciate it and I welcome meeting you in a time that serves you well.

With Gratitude

Cassie White